Project Description


Al Mouja  Solutions


  • Fixed Wireless Systems (from 385MHz-8GHz)
  • Block up Converters
  • Antenna Systems
  • Proprietary secure cloud platforms for both private and public clouds
  • Turnkey Cloud Platforms for Data Centers, OTT and MS Office 365
  • Proprietary secure Routers
  • Proprietary secure Servers
  • RFID Security Systems


  • Design & Implement turnkey wireless Systems: Satellite, Mobile, Fixed wireless (WISPs)
  • Turnkey ISP in a box
  • Turnkey Project Management
  • Product Development & Procurement
  • Management Network Outsourcing
  • Hardware Repair
  • Software Upgrades & Configuration Assistance

Wireless Systems:

     Wireless Carrier-Grade Long-Range WiFi Systems

     DA LRW: Wireless Base Station & CPE.

     DA LRW Series Long Range Wireless Base Station is an innovative combination of       technology to provide high-speed

     throughput at extreme distances with high interference in a point to point , point       to multi point and mesh configurations

     The DA LRW is a 5G device that combines Beam Forming, OFDM and MIMO into           an integrated, easy to deploy

     base station solution for carrier class non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications.               Utilizes frequency hopping and interference-mitigation software.

     In 4X MIMO at 40MHz carrier size, achievable Data Rates up to 1.6Gb at 25km Pt         to Mpt

     X MIMO at 20MHZ carrier size, 800Mbps at 60km Pt to Pt is achievable with MH         LRW bringing local area network to far areas.

     4X MIMO at 80MHz carrier size, 3.2Gb at 22km Pt to Pt

     Quality of Service (QoS) VLAN features make the platform ideal for delivering             voice,video and data applications.